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    Welcome to Merle Masters Pit Bulls kennels. At Merle Masters Pit Bulls as you can probably guess by the name we specialize in the Merle Pit Bull.

    If you are looking for a Merle Pit Bull pup you have come to the right place. Because our goal is to only breed the highest quality Merle Pit Bull puppies we only breed on rare occasion. If interested in obtaining a Merle Pit and we do not have any available however we do have contact with other breeders that may.

    If you are not interested in Merle Pit Bulls, do not support their historical place within the breed or are interested in any type of dog fighting activities we encourage you to look elsewhere as we are NOT the right place for you.

    As a kennel that specializes in the Merle genetic trait we have a keen understanding of it and how rare relative to other lines they are. Because of this we register our Merle Pit Bull puppies with the American Pit Bull Registry (APBR), which is the largest Pit Bull registry in existence. Our pups have some of the best genealogical histories of not just Pit Bulls but any dog breed on the planet and as a matter of purchase each of our pups comes with their very own APBR 11 Generation Super Pedigree, which is the most extensive printed pedigree in the entire world.

    Because our interest is in preserving the Merle Pit Bull within the history of the breed we do not sell to anyone who considers fighting. We additionally maintain an account on Pit Bull Social and maintain an ongoing relationship with our pup buyers throughout the lives of their new Pit Bulls. Our buyers can count on us to be there to offer them support and advice whenever they need it, whether it be the day after the sale or a decade down the road.